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School Board

The Gooseberry Hill Primary School Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling all members of the school community to work with the school staff to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school. It is comprised of representatives from the school staff and the P&C. Members of the wider community are also invited to become members.

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Current Members of the Board are:

  • Suzanna Robertson Chairperson (Parent Representative)
  • Lauren Johnson (Parent Representative)
  • Faye Morgan (Parent Representative)
  • Kym Buckingham (Parent Representative)
  • Jasmyn Hall (Parent Representative)
  • Paul Luck (Parent Representative)
  • Rachael Bolton (P&C Representative)
  • Councillor Janelle Sewel (Community Representative
  • Cameron Maitland (Community Representative)
  • Janessa Wason (Staff Representative)
  • Kathryn Dunlop (Staff Representative)
  • Lynda O’Reilly (Staff Representative)
  • Sue Saville (Staff Representative)
  • Matthew Snell – Principal (Ex-officio)
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We strive for excellence in all we pursue by motivating, challenging, supporting and assisting our children to reach their full potential.

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