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45Melbourne Cup Hat/Tie Day678910
1112SIMS Assembly @ 2pm1314151617
18192021Talent Quest auditions at recess22Talent Quest auditions at recess2324
2526Assembly (Cirque Musicala) 1:30pm27Triple P Parenting Course (9-10:30am) / P&C Meeting2829301

Nov 06

Melbourne Cup Hat/Tie Day

Nov 13

SIMS Assembly @ 2pm

Nov 22

Talent Quest auditions at recess

Nov 23

Talent Quest auditions at recess

Nov 27

Assembly (Cirque Musicala) 1:30pm

Nov 28

Triple P Parenting Course (9-10:30am)

Nov 28

P&C Meeting

Dec 03

Dance Sport Ends

Dec 04

ECE Xmas Concert: 5:30 BYO picnic, 6pm concert begins

Dec 05

Nativity Play - 9:30am & 6:00pm

Dec 06

Crazy Hair Day/Talent Quest

Dec 07

PP-Yr3 Swimming Carnival

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Gooseberry Hill Primary School is located approximately 20 kilometres from Perth Central Business District and is surrounded by national parks and local reserves.  This provides an opportunity for bird life and other fauna to frequent the school daily.  The hills environment makes for a unique setting and this is permeated into the educational program offered to the students at the school. The school opened its doors to students for the first time in 1972 and has successively developed an enviable record of being a nurturing school, committed to excellence and supported by a caring community.

Students are involved in a range of environmental programs such as adopting the care of Huntley Street Nature Reserve, supporting Kanyana Native Animal Hospital and working with the Ledger Street Community Group.  The strong conservation and sustainable energy developments at the school are characteristic of the care and consideration that the school community hold as important values in the education of students.

The dedicated and committed staff members are experienced and bring their creativity and talent to life in the classrooms.  Staff collaborate with each other and use their individual strengths in the learning areas to provide the very best programs for the students.  It is this spirit of cooperation and enterprise that sets a vital tone for the working environment of the students.