Gooseberry Hill Primary School

An Independent Public School

Gooseberry Hill Staff



Matthew Snell


Deputy Principals

Susan Archdall

Fiona Elsegood

Manager Corporate Services

Daphne Bifield


School Officers

Stacey Conway

Jenny Avila

Library Officer

Mary Nardone



John Reid


Cleaning Staff

Betty Akumu

Erna Bautista


Sarah McKay

Bev Milner


Sue Saville

Kate Lowe

Pre Primary 1

Jessica Kirkham

Jessica Newman

Pre Primary 2

Janessa Kennington


Room 1

Caryn Woods


Room 2

Kate Nicholson


Room 3

Sheree Chadderton

Natalie Romeo

Room 4

Emma Hall


Room 5

Alicia Marsh


Room 6

Ellen Tapscott


Room 7

Robyn Nicolaou


Room 8

Judith Le Blanc

Mark McNeil

Room 9

Ann Mayston

 Elyse Dartnall

Room 10

Kathryn Dunlop


Room 11

Anne Byrne


Room 12

Natalie Scott


Room 13

Raquel Bebbington


Room 14

Ben Orrell



Lynda O’Reilly

Kate Lowe


Tracey Read



Donna Marshall


Physical Education

Tyler Caddy


Education Assistants

Veronica Beerkens

Kirstie Burns


Louise Burton

Barbara Colyer


Michelle Donnes

Deborah Lack


Katrina Meek

Maree Peebles


Alyssa Reaveley

Kara Russell


Shannon Suijdendorp


We strive for excellence in all we pursue by motivating, challenging, supporting and assisting our children to reach their full potential.

24 Ledger Road
Gooseberry Hill WA 6076
(08) 9257 4600

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