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Year 6 Excursion - Parliamentary Education

Date:  Friday 12 November 2021
Depart Time: 8:50am
Return Time: 3:00pm

Class: Year 6 (Brooks A,B & C)
Cost: $7.00

Venue: Parliament House
Transport: Bus

Student Requirements: Recess, lunch, water, hat.

Please note: NO SCHOOL BAGS or LUNCH BOXES ARE PERMITTED at Parliament House. Please keep meals as simple as possible as they will be communally packed in a basket. Also the smallest water bottle they own – refilling stations are available and refreshments are being served at one of the venues.

Staff Attending: Raquel Bebbington, Ben Orrell, Jarrad Blight & Shannon Suijdendorp

Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion

Matthew Snell

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Boola Bardip WA Museum

Description of Activities: Visit to the WA Musuem

Student Requirements: School uniform, water bottle, hat, packed labelled morning tea and lunch (disposable bag to fit in a class basket). NO SCHOOL BAGS

Date: Wednesday 3 November 2021 and Thursday 4 November 2021 – see schedule

Wednesday 3 November

  • Room 4
  • Room 9 and 10
  • Brooks A,B,C
  • Room 17 and 18

Thursday 4 November

  • Room 1,2 and 3
  • Room 5
  • Room 6,7 and 8
  • Room 11 and 12

Depart Time: 8:45am                             Return Time: 2:45pm

Class: Pre-Primary to Year 6                    Cost: $10.00per child  Transport: Bus

Venue: Boola Bardip WA Museum

Staff Attending: Class Teachers and Assistants

Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion. Parents are welcome to meet up at the Museum.

Fiona Elsegood
Deputy Principal

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Parent Child Camp Out 2021

The campout at school where parents are allowed to come along with their child and camp out at school is going to be on Friday October 15th. We hope the weather forecast will be for fine weather.

At this campout a parent needs to attend with the child but it is fine for you to be responsible for another child if their parent can’t come. Please note that staff are not responsible for children on the night, parents are.

The requirements are as follow:

Students and parents can arrive from 5pm at school to set up their tent on the lawn behind B Block. Access can be gained by driving down the fire break track behind the Kindy building and parking can be on the basketball court. Otherwise parking can be on the gravel area behind the shed. All food etc needs to be provided by you. There will be BBQs available and B Block for water etc for washing up. There will be an urn. There will be ice-creams provided during the movie.

The programme outline is:

5-5:45 set up tents and then play games

5:45-6:45pm Tea time

6:45-7:30pm Undercover area games

7:30-8:30pm torch walk and camp fire

8:30-10pm DVD in the classroom

6:30-7am Rise and shine for own breakfast and heading home by 8 am

This is a lot of fun as well as a lot of work by you but well worth it. We hope that you will be able to attend to socialize with your child and fellow parents and play games with your child.

Please let us know if you able to attend.

Kind regards

Fiona Elsegood , Ellen Tapscott, Annie Byrne and Hellen Care

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Gooseberry Hill Primary School Challenge

On Friday 24 September (last day of this term), students from Pre Primary to Year 6 will participate in the annual GHPS Challenge. The aim of this challenge is to encourage our students to explore their own natural environment whilst putting into practise the virtues we talk about at school such as perseverance, courage and determination.

The students will be walking a track from the school via Hill Street, through the Kalamunda National Park, near Spring Road and through to the Bibbulmun track and into Jorgensen Park. Parents and friends are most welcome to join us on this walk. Please note that this walk is not suitable for prams or people who have difficulty walking up steep hills. The actual walk will take approx. 60 to 90 minutes to Jorgensen Park.

Students will leave school at 9:00am to begin the walk. There will be several stops along the way and we aim to get to Jorgensen Park by 10:30. At the park the students will have morning tea and a rest before the return journey. All students will be allowed to walk back to school as this is the ultimate challenge for the students but there will be a bus at Jorgensen Park to take the Pre-Primary children back.

The students will need the following on the day:

  • Sports uniform or free dress clothes (suitable for bush walking).
  • Gold coin donation.
  • Track shoes or similar for walking – NO SKATE SHOES/ SANDALS etc
  • Water bottle (can be refilled at Jorgensen Park).
  • Raincoat (if necessary), hat and sunscreen otherwise. 

As we are going into a national park we do not have ANY facilities for rubbish so children will be given a piece of fruit to eat on the way. No other food is to be taken on the walk. At Jorgensen Park we hope to be supplying morning tea (pikelets made by Year 1-3 school families) for all the walkers. Please let the office know if you can provide some pikelets- we need approximately 840 pikelets on the day.

There will be a coffee van at Jorgensen Park for staff and parent volunteers to purchase a hot drink. Lunch will be back at school.

There will be teachers supervising the walk but we would more than welcome parents and guardians to come along. This will be a great day for all involved and we hope you will be able to come along to be a part of the Challenge.

The bus will only be able to accommodate the students so please organise for car pooling or leaving a car at Jorgensen Park for the return trip if you do not want to walk back.

Any queries please contact me.


Kind regards


Fiona Elsegood
Deputy Principal

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Planting at Huntley St Reserve

Description of Activities: Students will be planting seedlings and helping rejuvenate sections of the Huntley St Reserve, and the year 6 sculpture garden, as part of the Adopt-a-Patch program.

Student Requirements: School hats. All other equipment will be supplied.

Date: Our first session will be in Week 8. We will be attending regularly  through-out terms 3 and 4, watering the seedlings when required and removing weeds.

Class: Brooks A, B, C

Venue: Huntley St Reserve and Gooseberry Hill Primary School

Staff Attending:  Raquel Bebbington, Ben Orrell, Shannon Suijdendorp and Jarrad Blight


Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion


Matthew Snell


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2021 Kanyana Feeding Program

Purpose: As part of our commitment to the community and our partnership with Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary students from our Year 5 and 6 classes volunteer each week to prepare food for the animals and have a tour of the facility.

Date: Each Tuesday afternoon

Depart Time:  1.15 pm

Return Time: 2.45 pm

Class: Years 5 and 6

Cost: Nil

Venue: Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary   Transport:   Private Vehicle (Parent volunteers)

Description of Activities:  Preparing food for the animals and a tour of the facility. Mrs Jane Forrest a former teacher at our school and a volunteer parent will accompany the students to Kanyana each week.

This Excursion Permission Slip will apply for all of 2021.  Parents and students will be notified regarding the day they will be attending. As only 4 students attend each week your child may not attend this term but all students will be rostered to attend over the year at least once. Each term a roster will be on display in the Year 5 and 6 classrooms.

Parent/Guardians: Parents are needed to assist with transporting students to and from Kanyana each Tuesday afternoon, beginning Week 3 (16th February). If you are able to assist it would be greatly appreciated. Parents who volunteer need to complete a Confidential Declaration and a Private Vehicle Driver’s Report.

Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion.

Deputy Principal Susan Archdall
Principal Matthew Snell

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