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Autumn Walk

Activity: Observe autumn leaves

Purpose:   To develop the students’ awareness of the seasons.

Date: Tuesday May 18th
Depart Time: 9:00am
Return Time: 10:00am

Class: Pre Primary One and Two Staff attending: Fiona Elsegood, Janessa Wason, Katrina Meek , Jess Newman and  Maree Peebles

Description of Activities: The students will walk around the local streets to observe the autumn leaves and to collect leaves for art work.

Cost: Nil

Student Requirements: Closed in shoes and a hat.

Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion

Fiona Elsegood
Deputy Principal


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2021 Kanyana Feeding Program

Purpose: As part of our commitment to the community and our partnership with Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary students from our Year 5 and 6 classes volunteer each week to prepare food for the animals and have a tour of the facility.

Date: Each Tuesday afternoon

Depart Time:  1.15 pm

Return Time: 2.45 pm

Class: Years 5 and 6

Cost: Nil

Venue: Kanyana Wildlife Sanctuary   Transport:   Private Vehicle (Parent volunteers)

Description of Activities:  Preparing food for the animals and a tour of the facility. Mrs Jane Forrest a former teacher at our school and a volunteer parent will accompany the students to Kanyana each week.

This Excursion Permission Slip will apply for all of 2021.  Parents and students will be notified regarding the day they will be attending. As only 4 students attend each week your child may not attend this term but all students will be rostered to attend over the year at least once. Each term a roster will be on display in the Year 5 and 6 classrooms.

Parent/Guardians: Parents are needed to assist with transporting students to and from Kanyana each Tuesday afternoon, beginning Week 3 (16th February). If you are able to assist it would be greatly appreciated. Parents who volunteer need to complete a Confidential Declaration and a Private Vehicle Driver’s Report.

Please Note: Students who have not returned a signed consent form will not be able to participate in this excursion.

Deputy Principal Susan Archdall
Principal Matthew Snell

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