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45Melbourne Cup Hat/Tie Day678910
1112SIMS Assembly @ 2pm13Kindy/Pre Primary Orientation Morning - 9:00am14Grandparents' Morning Tea - 10:00am151617
2526Assembly (Cirque Musicala) 1:30pm27Triple P Parenting Course (9-10:30am)2829301

Nov 06

Melbourne Cup Hat/Tie Day

Nov 13

SIMS Assembly @ 2pm

Nov 14

Kindy/Pre Primary Orientation Morning - 9:00am

Nov 15

Grandparents' Morning Tea - 10:00am

Nov 27

Assembly (Cirque Musicala) 1:30pm

Nov 28

Triple P Parenting Course (9-10:30am)

Dec 03

Dance Sport Ends

Dec 04

ECE Xmas Concert

Dec 05

Nativity Play - 9:30am & 6:00pm

Dec 06

Crazy Hair Day/Talent Quest

Dec 07

PP-Yr3 Swimming Carnival

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Information Regarding Bushfires

Last Updated: 11/10/2018

In the event of a bushfire please DO NOT come to the school as you will jeopardise the safety of yourself and the students by blocking the very roads we may need to exit from. If all parents came to the school it would not take long for the roads to be blocked thus preventing buses and fire tenders access to the school. It is anticipated that as part of the bushfire strategy to have police control the flow of traffic around the area and particularly the school. Our prime focus is the safety of the students and staff.

GHPS Bushfire Stand-alone Plan 2017/18

The following are from publications by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services:

Bushfire Factsheet: Fire Danger Ratings

Bushfire Warning Levels

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