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23Assembly (Room 1) 2:15pm456Jumps, Throws & Long Distance Races (Yrs1-3 AM, Yrs 4-6 PM)78
91011Open Night1213Faction Carnival - Whole School1415
1617Assembly (PrePrimary) 2:15pm1819Stirk Fest20Challenge Walk / Last Day of Term 32122

Sep 04

Assembly (Room 1) 2:15pm

Sep 07

Jumps, Throws & Long Distance Races (Yrs1-3 AM, Yrs 4-6 PM)

Sep 12

Open Night

Sep 14

Faction Carnival - Whole School

Sep 18

Assembly (PrePrimary) 2:15pm

Sep 20

Stirk Fest

Sep 21

Challenge Walk

Sep 21

Last Day of Term 3

Oct 03

PP-Yr3 Swimming Lessons Start

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Cyber Safety

Last Updated: 22/02/2018

The School Board is currently reviewing and updating our Cyber Safety Policy, please contact the office for further information.

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