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293031Year 3/4 Soccer/Netball Carnival1Senior Choir Workshop (2:20-5:00pm234
56Assembly (Room 3) 2:15pm7891011
1920Assembly (Room 2) 2:15pm212223Book Week Parade - Whole School2425
2627Father's Day Breakfast282930311

Aug 01

Year 3/4 Soccer/Netball Carnival

Aug 02

Senior Choir Workshop (2:20-5:00pm

Aug 07

Assembly (Room 3) 2:15pm

Aug 21

Assembly (Room 2) 2:15pm

Aug 24

Book Week Parade - Whole School

Aug 28

Father's Day Breakfast

Sep 04

Assembly (Room 1) 2:15pm

Sep 06

Jumps, Throws & Long Distance Races (Yrs1-3 AM, Yrs 4-6 PM)

Sep 07

Faction Carnival - Whole School

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School Board Information and Reports

Last Updated: 31/01/2018

The Gooseberry Hill Primary School Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling all members of the school community to work with the school staff to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school. It is comprised of representatives from the school staff and the P&C. Members of the wider community are also invited to become members.


Current Members of the Board are:

  • Kevin Boots (co-chairperson)
  • Novak Drazevich (co-chairperson)
  • Patrick Bourke
  • Anne Bell
  • Donna Marshall
  • Robyn Nicolaou
  • Judith Le Blanc
  • Blair Marsh
  • Suellen Brown
  • Chris Rogers
  • Lynne Tognolini
  • Robert Anderson
  • Kylie Eaton - P&C President



School Reports

2016 Annual Report

Delivery and Performance Agreement 2014-2017

School Business Plan 2014-2017

GHPS School Bushfire Stand-alone Plan 2017

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