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293031Year 3/4 Soccer/Netball Carnival1Senior Choir Workshop (2:20-5:00pm234
56Assembly (Room 3) 2:15pm7891011
1920Assembly (Room 2) 2:15pm212223Book Week Parade - Whole School2425
2627Father's Day Breakfast282930311

Aug 01

Year 3/4 Soccer/Netball Carnival

Aug 02

Senior Choir Workshop (2:20-5:00pm

Aug 07

Assembly (Room 3) 2:15pm

Aug 21

Assembly (Room 2) 2:15pm

Aug 24

Book Week Parade - Whole School

Aug 28

Father's Day Breakfast

Sep 04

Assembly (Room 1) 2:15pm

Sep 06

Jumps, Throws & Long Distance Races (Yrs1-3 AM, Yrs 4-6 PM)

Sep 07

Faction Carnival - Whole School

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Kindy Schedule

Last Updated: 25/01/2018

Our Kindy students are split into two groups.

Group 1 attends Monday, Thursday and alternate Wednesdays

Group 2 attends Tuesday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays


For a more comprehensive schedule click on the link below.


2018 Kindy Schedule

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