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282930311Year 6 Camp - Students Return23
45Parent Information Meetings: Kindy - Yr26Parenting Information Meetings: Yrs 3-6 / Welcome Morning Tea 8:50am78910
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Feb 02

Year 6 Camp - Students Return

Feb 06

Parent Information Meetings: Kindy - Yr2

Feb 07

Parenting Information Meetings: Yrs 3-6

Feb 07

Welcome Morning Tea 8:50am

Feb 23

P&C Welcome Afternoon Tea at 3pm

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2018 Student Requirement Booklists

Last Updated: 10/11/2017

Student Requirement Lists

The list of student requirements has been approved by the School Board. Staff have carefully selected items which they know to be of benefit to your children's education and as such it would be appreciated if you could purchase the specific items and not alternative substitutes. For example, exercise books with dotted thirds assist children with their printing as opposed to books with just lines, or pencils for junior years should be formative to assist with the development of their printing and not thin pencils which suit older children.

The school has negotiated competitive prices for materials on the list but you are not obliged to use this supplier. However, if parents want to order through the school's provider please follow the directions on the Student Requirements List.




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