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7Staff PD - No Students 8Term 4 Begins - Students return to school9PP-Yr3 Swimming Lessons Start10111213
14Dance Sport Begins15Assembly (Languages) 2:15pm161718PP-Yr3 Swimming Lessons Ends1920
GHPS Fair2122232425Stirk Athletics2627
2829Assembly (SIMS) 2:00pm3031123

Oct 08

Staff PD - No Students

Oct 09

Term 4 Begins - Students return to school

Oct 10

PP-Yr3 Swimming Lessons Start

Oct 15

Dance Sport Begins

Oct 16

Assembly (Languages) 2:15pm

Oct 19

PP-Yr3 Swimming Lessons Ends

Oct 21


Oct 26

Stirk Athletics

Oct 30

Assembly (SIMS) 2:00pm

Nov 06

Melbourne Cup Hat/Tie Day

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School Crest Information

Last Updated: 30/07/2012

The green and red school emblem represents the colours of Western Australia's state floral emblem, the Kangaroo Paw.  The axes symbolise the Kalamunda area pioneers, as many of the first Europeans who settled in the hills were woodcutters.  The lines symbolize the Darling Range ‘Zig Zag’ Railway.

The motto “Seek Wisdom” which was adopted by the school many years ago is derived from the Greek tales - Chiron was a wise centaur who taught legendary heroes such as Jason and Achilles when they were children.  As an underlying principle, these children were taught that irrespective of their strength or power, they should continue throughout their life, to learn and improve their mind, thus seeking wisdom!

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