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Jul 16

Staff PD - No School

Jul 17

Term 3 Begins: Students return to school

Jul 20

Pyjama Day

Jul 24

Assembly (Room 4) 2:15pm

Aug 01

Year 3/4 Soccer/Netball Carnival

Aug 07

Assembly (Room 3) 2:15pm

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School Creed

Last Updated: 21/02/2012

Here at this school, children, our future, stand as tall as the trees

Caring is our foundation

Trusting is our walls

This is the fortress of our commitment.


We strive for excellence to achieve pride and joy

Friends will be made and never forgotten

Gooseberry Hill is a school that cares for its students and staff

We share and work as one, because alone we do well, but together, we do better.


(This creed was written by the Student Council in 2003)

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